Swipe Right & Not Type

What is it with the morons who like you enough to swipe right but as soon as they see it’s a mutual attraction go completely silent! 

As a guy it is your duty to instigate the convo, looking at her profile and picking something specific about her to start the conversation with you’d think would aid you in getting a reply.

So I’m confused to why I’ve currently got 50 matches where I’ve started a conversation and have had no reply…..I know people are busy and may not always read messages but after you’ve sent three over a period of time you assume their not interested in you (I mean I’m not the best looking guy but if I’m really a munter why haven’t these girls unmatched from me/even swipe right in the first place)

It’s the same thing if you get your new crushes number and start talking on whatsapp (those two blue ticks are a God sent, letting you know when that hottie is blanking you) 

Girls if a guy is taking time out of his day to drop you a message have the respect to reply to him, even if it is being black and white and saying your not interested

 A guy who’s taken an interest in you and invested time to strike up a convo and not just demand nudes is worth a reply! 


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