How Long Is To Long?

How long is to long to hold out for going out for a drink with someone, genuine question please let me know via twitter @jakedomb

I’ve spent the last couple of months talking to a girl and asking her out for a drink growing slightly frustrated as the weeks pass by and still no after work socializing on the cards.

To point out she’s a teacher so Monday – Friday was always going to be a no go for her whilst my shift work gives me no weekend to plan something…..a modern day Romeo & Juliet, love being estinquished before it even gets started by the s**t demands of work.

I would of given up and accepted her dating profile was a fake had it not been for a mutual friend we both shared, another girl I used to work with in broadcasting…back in the days The Watford Observer called me the most wreckless/dangerous man in Hertfordshire radio.

Anyway the long overdue social happened and being honest it wasn’t the best date, no drinks were thrown over but I felt like I was interrogating the poor girl (It’s easy to slip into this when you can’t think of anything else to say) 

* What’s been your favorite holiday ?

* What’s your favorite food ?

* Are those rumors about the staff room I heard as a kid true ?

We shared a little of our mutual love for Dubai in a cool bar in Covent Garden but felt things got a little awkward when we went for a wonder round the plaza and I linked arms with her…..After a couple minutes I realized her arm was awkwardly dangeling down by her side so bailed.

Although saying this we ended up walking from Covent Garden to Oxford Circ so mabye I was overthinking things, after all she could of just jumped on the train and headed home instead.

Been out of the game for too long! 


Date For Drake

I do resent myself slightly for still being on Tinder (amongst an array of others) but when the opportunity came to see DRAKE live in concert I thought I was sure to bag myself a  babe.

The story goes that I brought tickets back in October and thought that I would have plenty of time to find a +1 for the date that I got tickets for (VALENTINE’S DAY) I mean what a perfect date – getting to see Drake on Valentine’s with me (I’m hilarious trust me)

January passes by and in the first few days of February I change my tinder photo to a selfie holding the two tickets I’ve got, quick session on photoshop and caption it ‘Need A Date For Drake’

I start messaging a couple of old matches enquiring about their plans for the day of love, I get a couple of replies and after sharing what music we’re into at the minute I mention that I’m seeing Drake the following week and could do with a date….Long story short nothing really happens

Fast forwarding a few days the anxiety starts creeping up, I start messaging female friends on Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram but they’ve all already made plans with their guy or going out with the girls ‘All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies’

It’s now the 13th February and I’m wondering how did this happen, a spare ticket to go see Drake and it’s still looking like another Valentine’s I’m spending on my own…..I notice an old friend/colleague from my retail days is on Facebook chat – I ask if she fancies seeing Drizzy the following night (surprise she’s already got plans) BUT! she does pass my number onto a mate of hers who’s single and LOVES Aubrey and we end up whatsapping throughout the day before the gig.

So a blind date entails with this girl who’s a friend of a friend, we met outside North Greenwich Tube, a total babe who is part Columbian, we exchange the pleasantries and get super excited for Toronto’s finest….A couple of Mojito’s in TGI Fridays before the gig and the convo was lit! no awkward silence here!

The gig flew by and we got the train home, I asked her to text me when she got home safe which she did…More texting over the next couple of days reliving the gig and how we should do it  again sometime but she replies ‘we are just friends right…I’m not really looking for anything’ 

Failed! always the bridesmaid never the bride (no complaints though she’s genuinely a nice girl)