Business & Feelings Leads to Complications 

Strap yourselves in for a juicy one

Always had this instinct that work relationships should be approached with caution…you spend ages coming up with an excuse to get the office honey alone to ask her out for a drink outside of work whilst at the same time wondering what to say when she shoots you down and exposing the tragic set of affairs to everyone else in the office.

So the plan was to get work bae on her own away from everyone by asking her for a few minutes to talk her through the fire evacuation procedure (I work for a company who manage a building and lease office space)

This I thought was an awesome plan until work announced everyone needed to move out as the building had been sold by the building owner for redevelopment……Suddenly the need for going through the fire procedure was flawed as we were now set to leave in 5 weeks.

Since then I’ve been developing a relationship with work bae that goes further then just ‘how has your morning been’ trying to make traction before we are both taken from each-other (modern day Romeo and Juliet story)

As I write this I have two more days before the company she works for leaves and the opportunity walks out the door with her.
That said there is a plan b – A couple of her colleagues have accepted my friend request on Facebook – The formation of friendship had been easier with these individuals as we share the same ‘office banter’ 

Like Joanne and that cous cous from Marks & Spencer…..hilarious 

Anyway I digress, I’ve added work bae’s colleagues as a back up plan in case I need to add her on Facebook at a later date (can claim that she came up as someone you may know feature instead of admitting I actually went searching for her.

Although some girls may be flattered that you went looking for them.


Hole in One…..Not


Back on Tinder and the ongoing disappointment of the catfish – the accounts that spam people to come and join them at some shady cam website.

But then an absolute babe with dreamy (yeah dreamy!) brown eyes, a big hurrrrrrr, don’t careeeee look AND a free spirit not into hookups! GIRL OF MY DREAMS


We match and noticing an Uber testimonial on her profile I open the conversation ‘ like your profile lovely, if I was an Uber driver I would have given you 10/10 haha’

weirdly enough it got the ball rolling and a couple days later we go on a date – crazy golf in East London which was hipster fresh  – Neon lights, loud music and a shot bar halfway through the course! TEQUILA SHOTS! as you can imagine my game went south after that and after mending the broken windmill and adding up the scores she thrashed me!

Afterwards we go and grab a burger and some shakes (Soooo American) we both spend the rest of the evening talking about food….Turns out we’re both foodies! (can you freakin believe it! :D) No awkward silences

We end the night hand in hand walking back to the tube station and exchanging farewells I go in for a kiss on the cheek trying to be a gent but she pouts for a proper kiss! I mean an absolute pleasure but it was an unexpected surprise…She gets on her train while I still try to figure out what happened.

A few weeks go by with me asking her out again but I’m told that where she is at the minute she can’t get into anything right now…Not what I wanted to hear but I’m consistent and won’t give up till I’m blocked on whatsapp.