How Long Is To Long?

How long is to long to hold out for going out for a drink with someone, genuine question please let me know via twitter @jakedomb

I’ve spent the last couple of months talking to a girl and asking her out for a drink growing slightly frustrated as the weeks pass by and still no after work socializing on the cards.

To point out she’s a teacher so Monday – Friday was always going to be a no go for her whilst my shift work gives me no weekend to plan something…..a modern day Romeo & Juliet, love being estinquished before it even gets started by the s**t demands of work.

I would of given up and accepted her dating profile was a fake had it not been for a mutual friend we both shared, another girl I used to work with in broadcasting…back in the days The Watford Observer called me the most wreckless/dangerous man in Hertfordshire radio.

Anyway the long overdue social happened and being honest it wasn’t the best date, no drinks were thrown over but I felt like I was interrogating the poor girl (It’s easy to slip into this when you can’t think of anything else to say) 

* What’s been your favorite holiday ?

* What’s your favorite food ?

* Are those rumors about the staff room I heard as a kid true ?

We shared a little of our mutual love for Dubai in a cool bar in Covent Garden but felt things got a little awkward when we went for a wonder round the plaza and I linked arms with her…..After a couple minutes I realized her arm was awkwardly dangeling down by her side so bailed.

Although saying this we ended up walking from Covent Garden to Oxford Circ so mabye I was overthinking things, after all she could of just jumped on the train and headed home instead.

Been out of the game for too long! 


No Commitment but Thought Different 

So about a little over a month ago I got a follow request on Instagram from a girl I matched with towards the back end of last year. 

Disclaimer – There was no promise or commitment but from what she was saying it was never just a bit of fun…This chick was from ‘Plenty of Fish’ her profile seemed legit and she was looking for something serious, as was I.

We arranged a date and went for a few drinks in Soho after work one night, it was a standard date although I should of known she was only looking for a lover to burn when she invited me back to hers at the end of the night, I brushed it off saying that I was on the early shift the next morning and should get home.

To point out we both were looking for a relationship so I asked her out again, on the weekend the Tequila festival was in town (what a great festival) anyway I ended up back at hers and stayed the night

The next morning all the ‘you make me laugh’ ‘your the perfect guy’ ‘I really like you’ compliments were replaced with ‘yeah I still love my cheating ex’ I leave her place pissed off that the fantasy of living with her in Vauxhall had disappeared and the reality of trekking it back to zone 6 was fact once more but also pissed I’d just been a quick bit of fun

FYI GIRLS! It’s not only guys that use you for your body, that s**t works both ways, across the board!

I mean who does she think she is playing me! I’m husband material – her on the other hand with an Australian accent that sounded like a poor mans cockney accent (just me that thinks Australian sounds like a slowed down East London accent?)

Leaving it a few days I text her and get a reply saying that she’s an awful person and she got super wasted the other night and slept with some random guy…I was disappointed as I thought we were into eachother but I’m not a mug! It ended there.

Some months later about a month ago I get a follow request from this girl on Insta – I accept not really knowing what to expect…I get a message within half an hour ‘hey how you? New year and I’m trying to be a better person I Feel bad about what happened’ 

This isn’t an opportunity for women to say ‘now you now how it feels as a woman, to be led on and ditched afterwards’ this is about the principle of things being black and white – I like you, you like me, let’s get together